Pedro Emanuel Spiritist Centre – PESC

Pedro Emanuel Spiritist Centre – PESC is a spiritist institution located in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Its purpose is to study, discuss, explore and expand the practice of Spiritism.
PESC could be defined as a Spiritist Society that accepts and embraces new evolutionary concepts of the Doctrine, while extensively adopting the Kardecist foundations of Spiritism.
PESC seeks the intellectual, moral and spiritual development of its participants, acquired through the practice of the principles of Spiritist Doctrine.
Our History

Pedro Emanuel Spiritist Centre started with reading and discussion sessions of Allan Kardec’s Gospel According with Spiritism in an apartment living room in Brisbane’s CBD, with an average attendance of 5 to 6 people.

It soon became too big to be held in a small apartment and the organisers arranged for a space to be rented so the studies could be expanded and cater for a bigger audience. PESC then opened study sessions of Healing techniques and Mediumship development, under the light of Apometry, a specific and powerful technique of spiritual assistance.

The attendance soon grew to approximately 15 people and it kept evolving since 2006.
Today PESC is located at The Exchange Community Centre in Kelvin Grove, with approximately 8 people involved in the management and operations of the Centre and an average audience of 20 people each week.
With lectures about the Gospel and also around self-improvement and transformation, followed by a healing pass session towards the end of each weekly encounter, PESC aims to spread the Spiritist Doctrine in Brisbane and embrace its technical, philosophical and religious evolution, with plans to serve the community and help mediums and other interested individuals to expand their holistic knowledge and, more specifically, to understand, at a greater level, the benefits of self improvement and charity.


81 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove QLD, Australia


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81 Musk Avenue
Kelvin Grove, 4059 QLD AU
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